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Terms & Conditions

Like all hotels, we have terms and conditions about booking and using our services that protect you and us. These terms clearly set out what will happen and when, as well as who is responsible and what happens should something not go according to plan.

These terms and conditions clearly set out what we will do as part of the service on offer. It also sets out key areas such as payment and so on.

Terms and conditions: accommodation

If you are unsure about any of the conditions relating to your booking, please ask a member of reception staff. They will be able to answer your query or direct you to the relevant document. Terms and conditions are relatively simple, and include such things as what happens to your deposit if you are unable to stay with us and so on.

Terms and conditions: weddings

Every wedding here at the Barton Grange Hotel is bespoke and your wedding coordinator will talk you through the terms and conditions that apply to booking, postponing or cancelling your wedding. It will also address payment and when payment will be expected in full. If you are unsure, please ask your wedding coordinator.

Terms and conditions: events

Events, conferences and business meetings are an important part of what we offer at the hotel and as such, we want to be confident that each and every event goes to plan. The terms and conditions will address every concern and possibility, ensuring that the smaller details of your event are catered for.

Terms and conditions: special offers

From time to time and throughout the year, we offer special offers and packages. This may be on an overnight stay and dinner, for example. We have to limit some of the offers and we make this clear on the terms and conditions. Please check before you buy!

Terms and conditions: Christmas parties

Christmas is a busy time of year but we need to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. This attention to detail is what makes us one of the best Christmas party venues in Preston. Our Party Nights are smart dress only, for example, no jeans or trainers. And we also reserve the right to cancel or postpone the party night should there not be enough interest.

If you want to know more about terms and conditions relating to your stay or event, please email the team on or call 01772 862551.

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